Creating JobsCreating jobs – Getting the government out of the way so that private citizens and companies can create more jobs is the best way to have sustainable, long-term job growth.  We need to start rolling back taxes and regulations that have suffocated business owners, and I want people like you to help me look for these regulations that harm your company or industry.  With your help, I’ll walk into the Senate in St. Paul with a list of harmful regulations that I’ll work to repeal.


Education – When I was a young boy, I remember reading campaign literature that claimed we needed to increase education funding to fix our school system.  Several decades later, with constant growth in school funding, and the DFL still uses the same mantra.  Simply throwing more money at our schools doesn’t fix the problem.  Our education priorities must empower parents, since parents are the most important factor in every child’s education.  I am staunchly opposed to Common Core, and to the DFL efforts to lower standards for both students and teachers.

  • Pro-life issues – I believe that we are in the waning days of Roe v. Wade in our country.  Each generation is becoming more pro-life than the one before, and advancing medical and scientific knowledge make it increasingly difficult to justify the abortion agenda.  I will ALWAYS be a staunch supporter of Life from conception.  I will always join the fight to completely defund Planned Parenthood in Minnesota, and have the money go to other resources that will help the life of the mother AND the life of the child.
  • Gun rights – Supports the expansion of law abiding citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.  Will fight against any efforts to expand mandatory government background checks, gun registration, or any other attempt to curtail the 2nd Amendment freedoms.
  • Energy – Join with other courageous legislators to fight overbearing, job-killing environmental regulations.  Will support a balanced approach to energy that incorporates nuclear, coal, and other efficient, cost-effective solutions.
  • Budget – The state government has not lived within its means.  The DFL continually tries to raise taxes and increase spending every year, and the debt keeps rising at unsustainable levels.  This is not only unwise, it is morally wrong, and it will harm future generations even more than it has hurt yours and mine.